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Stella,  Oil on Board

If you are interested in a Custom Pet Portrait,
this is how it all works…

I work from photos.   Typically,  our animal friends do not like to pose for the time it takes to do an oil painting.   They are usually licking,  shifting or scratching.   Go figure!   So,  thankfully,  the faithful human companion provides photos either via email or snail-mail.   It is always an extra bonus to meet them and if necessary take extra photos for reference.   But please note that travel expenses for photo sessions may require an additional charge.   Often digital images sent in an email work just fine.   The more the better;  but I have also worked with just one or two photos with great success.   Even old,  faded Polaroids have sufficed in a pinch.  If paper-based images are mailed,  they will be returned to you upon the completion of the painting.

We may also discuss your companion’s personality,  your favorite photos and the environment where the painting will eventually hang.   After collecting the appropriate information for a successful portrait,  I typically request 8+ weeks for completion.   I work in oils and I prefer the painting to be fairly dry when you get it.   You will appreciate this as well.   Please let me know if you have special circumstances…I may be able to get it to you a bit sooner.   The holidays are always very busy,  so please plan accordingly.

I paint the edges of a 3/4” wrapped canvas so you may hang it without a frame if you choose.   This is just the standard.   I also offer a thickly wrapped canvas or cradled board.   A variety of sizes are available.   A standard painting will include one subject,  with a solid or simply textured background.   Multiple subjects on a single canvas and detailed backgrounds are an option;  but please note that the pricing will be higher and the lead times will be longer.

Shipping & Handling costs are priced on an individual basis depending on your location.
For current lead times, sizes & pricing contact:

Thank you for your interest!