Portrait of Corky at Battery Park Book Exchange

Corky is the current “Dog in Residence” at the Battery Park Book Exchange.  I had the pleasure of meeting, and creating an oil painting of Corky for this one of a kind, unique bar and cozy bookstore.  If you happen to be visiting Asheville, NC, definitely stop in for a visit, and if you live in Asheville, well…lucky you!

Battery Park Book Exchange Portrait

Emily Krainik and Thomas Wright with portrait of iconic dog, Corky.  Battery Park Book Exchange, Asheville, NC           Fine art framing by Patti Bell at Studio B.  http://www.galleryatstudiob.com/

You will love strolling into this warm, amply furnished space.  It is a “living room-library-bar-coffee shop” with an incredible variety of books; in fact, thousands in hundreds of catagories….in every room, nook and cranny.  Every square inch is utilized.  There are two floors of rooms, an espresso bar, and a great beer and wine selection.  The book selection and wine list are constantly changing to keep things fresh.  There are comfy couches and club chairs to lounge in while you sip your libation of choice and flip the pages of a favorite author’s work.  A wonderful place to peruse.  And don’t hesitate to bring your dog along! This is a very friendly place with great service where you can hang out and chill.  So are there any oenophiles bibliophiles out there?

Regardless, stop in to experience this unique space.  And check out the art while you’re there……or at least my painting of Corky!

Battery Park Book Exchange Portrait

Dog in Residence, Corky, displayed at Battery Park Book Exchange.  Original oil painting by Karen Rumora.

Fine art framing by Patti Bell at Studio B.  http://www.galleryatstudiob.com/

Battery Park Book Exchange